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Welcome to the personal website of Rick DeLong, writer, linguist, web developer, and backpacker. Here you can learn about me, my activities, and my personal views. This site has information about my other websites on diverse topics such as psychology, ultralight backpacking, and living in Ukraine. It also has a collection of some of my photos.

Recent updates:
11/21/2012 - Socionics Subsite
07/04/2012 - Forecast, Summer 2012
05/08/2012 - Projects, English Language Conquest of the World
11/11/2011 - Booklist, Experience, Projects, About Me, News

Grove of quaking aspen, Colorado Rockies. See more pictures.

русская версия

About me
WHERE I AM  Ukraine, Georgia, Eurasia...
PROFESSION  self-employed writer, web developer, interpreter, translator
INTERESTS  backpacking, languages, music, science, personal development
MORE FACTS  read a bit about me

Eating full-time on the PCT